Possum Merino Two Way Wrap – Noble Wilde Knitwear

Possum Merino Two Way Wrap – Noble Wilde Knitwear


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Possum Merino Two Way Wrap.

Possum Merino Two Way Wrap. This New Zealand made Noble Wilde Possum Merino two-way wrap with clean lines and bellow sleaves is a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. Easy to wear over any outfit, and equally perfect for lounging or working. It’s versatility as a garment is empathised by your ability to wear it two ways!
Colours;  Black | Charcoal | Port | Oyster | Regatta | Poppy | Rosay | Topaz | Meadow

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Made in New Zealand by Noble Wilde from a blend 40% Possum Fur, 53% fine Merino wool & 7% nylon. Twice as Warm as Wool, with Astonishing Qualities.

For over three decades Noble Wilde has perfected the blending of two of the most exceptional fibres in the world, the dense silken wool of Merino, and the luxuriant fur of the Possum. Together these materials form a velvety soft yarn, gives Noble Wilde’s Possum Merino Two Way Wrap unsurpassed warmth and durability. We deliver luxury without compromise.

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