Possum Merino Relaxed Sweater - Merino Mink

Possum Merino Relaxed Sweater (Sale) - Merino Mink

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Possum Merino Relaxed Sweater. Expertly made in New Zealand Merino Mink This sweater is simple, casual elegance. The refined garter stitch neck detail with a ‘v’ shaped finish is perfect for dressing up or dressing down.


  • Shaped fitted sleeves against a looser fit body to create the perfect silhouette.
  • Finished beautifully with the Merinomink™ logo bar.
  • Co-ordinate it with our new River Snood.
  • Crafted from soft possum fur, fine merino wool, and silk
  • Our Premium Possum Knitwear is super comfortable to wear, it is warmer than Cashmere, but lighter and better wearing.

COLOURS; Crevasse.  

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