Welcome to Possum Boutique

Possum on Lambton Quay is a vibrant boutique in the Wellington CBD, specialising in a collection of high end Possum, Merino, Mohair and Alpaca garments and accessories. This store is one of a kind, stocking only the best and well established NZ local brands.

These Family owned companies have mastered their techniques and mixes of possum and merino to create the best quality, long lasting products for you to treasure and enjoy. These products are not only desirable, silky soft to touch, but warm and extremely light. Our luxurious collection is unique to Wellington in that we offer a wide selection of Women’s and men’s garments and accessories all created here in New Zealand.

Why choose Possum fur?

Possum fur is a hollow fibre, which allows it to trap and store your body warmth. Possum fur is said to be the third warmest fur in the world after polar bear and arctic fox.

Why Mix Possum Fur with Merino?

When Possum fur is spun with merino wool it creates a yarn that is light and strong ,whilst creating the highest heat retaining qualities. Possum fibre and merino yarn blended is the first natural yarn to be developed in the last 100 years, and only within the last couple of decades have they used it to create such beautiful products.

How do Possums affect our environment in New Zealand?

Possums are a pest in NZ. Endangering wild life and much more, millions of possums eat their way through thousands of tonnes of native forest every night, killing millions of native birds a year also eating the eggs of the young.

Help preserve our native fauna and flora while enjoying these beautiful garments.
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