Merino Wool Plain Beanie - Lothlorian Knitwear
A 100% Lambswool Merino Plain Beanie made in New Zealand by Lothlorian. A classic style that can be worn with every outfit. Comes in a large variety of beautiful and unique colours giving an option for every outfit! Double layer...
Merino Wool NZ Fern Beanie - Lothlorian Knitwear
This 100% New Zealand made single thickness skull cap style beanie features a silver fern design and "New Zealand" branding. Manufactured by Lothlorian Knitwear NZ and is made from 100% Merino Lambswool. Warm, cosy stylish beanie for those cold evening...
Merino Wool Penguin Hat - Lothlorian Knitwear
Proudly New Zealand made 100% Merino Lambswool made by Lothlorian. Adorable style with little penguins on it which is perfect for younger children. Has double layering giving it extra warmth. Trap the heat in from the top while keeping it...
Merino Wool Woolly Sheep Beanie - Lothlorian Knitwear
A 100% Lambswool Merino Woolly Sheep Beanie made in New Zealand by Lothlorian. Featuring sheep around the brim this beanie is playful and fun. Double layer for maximum warmth. Merino is the worlds finest wool and feels soft and lightweight...
Merino Wool Sheep Beanie - Lothlorian Knitwear
Merino Wool Sheep Beanie made in NZ by Lothlorian Knitwear. Get your kiwi pride on with this double thickness beanie. 100% Merino Lambswool Sheep beanie with 'New Zealand' branding. Perfect as a gift to those who don't live in New...
Merino Wool Headband - Royal Merino
This merino-wool-headband is proudly made in New Zealand by Royal Merino in 100% Super Soft Extra Fine pure Merino wool to keep your ears comfortable and warm. A stylish alternative to a beanie. Pure merino wool is not only lightweight,...
Pure Merino Wool Balaclava - MKM Knitwear
The Pure Merino Wool Balaclava-MKM Knitwear has an ergonomic design and can be worn for multiple applications, both full and half face coverage, while also being seamlessly helmet compatible. It provides warmth to the head and face without being too...
Merino Wool Multi Stripe Headband - Royal Merino
Make a statement, add attitude and individuality into your look with this fashionable Merino Wool Multi Stripe Headband. Made in New Zealand by Royal Merino 100% Super Soft Extra Fine NZ Merino Wool Merino wool possesses natural temperature-regulating properties, is...
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