Genuine Possum Fur Micro Static Duster - Rozcraft NZ
This tiny duster is made from possum fur. Twirl the handle to charge the possum fur up with static electricity and use it to dust those fiddly little surfaces - kitchenware, computers, and other electronics. Made by wrapping possum fur...
Genuine Possum Fur Innersoles - Rozcraft NZ
These Possum Fur shoe liners are pure luxury for your feet. Not only warm but also stops tired feet – great to stand on for long periods of time. These are pure fur and do not have an added sole...
Genuine Possum Fur Pompom - Rozcraft NZ
These Possum Fur pompoms are designed to sew onto beanies, scarves and cushions for that added flair. Heavy weight polyester thread has been sewn in to the pompom to make attaching the pompom easier. Each pompom diameter is approximately 9cm, give...
Genuine Possum Fur Earmuffs - Rozcraft NZ
These Possum Fur earmuffs are on an elastic band which means one size fits all. Often seen in Queenstown and other ski resorts, this is a very popular product in New Zealand winters! Stylish as well as fun. The fur...
Genuine Possum Fur Keychain - Rozcraft NZ
These Possum Fur Keychains are a great accessory to attach to your keys as they are easy to find by feel in the dark or in the depths of your purse. The keychains are all made from un-dyed natural pelts and may...
Genuine Possum Fur Kiwi - Rozcraft NZ
These cute Kiwi are made from genuine possum fur. As possums eat the eggs of kiwi and destroy our natural forests this is one way of helping the kiwi fight back by making the possums into cute kiwi! Available in...
from $14.99
Possum Fur Loop Thru Scarf - Possum Pam NZ
This is a beautiful Pure Possum fur scarf, which threads through itself so you can easily adjust it to fit. Made in New Zealand by Possum Pam. An authentic dyed possum fur scarf. Long soft luscious fur. Slit opening to...
Genuine Possum Fur Wrist Cuffs - Rozcraft NZ
These Possum fur cuffs are generally worn with a long-sleeved top. Keep your hands warm without needing to have gloves on. By increasing blood circulation to the hands and wrist the possum fur keeps your hands warm without actually needing to...
Genuine Possum Fur Neck Wrap - Rozcraft NZ
These Possum Fur Neck Wraps are made from one full possum skin. The skin has been sewn to produce a finish where no skin is visible and fur is on all sides of the scarf. A hook and eye are...
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