Possum Merino Moss Stitch Neck Warmer - Noble Wilde
This New Zealand made by Noble Wilde One Piece Moss Stitch Neck Warmer with moss stitch knit structure is warm and cosy. Wear a scarf without worrying about the length. Designed to keep your neck cosy and warm on the...
Possum Merino Scarf - Noble Wilde
Classic single-layer scarf crafted in New Zealand by Noble Wilde Knitwear with classy rib trim detail. Generous  180cm x 30cm size to wrap around your neck twice for that extra warmth.  Crafted from a blend of  40% Possum Fur, 53% Merino,...
Merino Wool Unisex Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
A plain unisex double thickness scarf with fringing. Proudly made in New Zealand by Lothlorian Knitwear. Make this unisex scarf a stalwart of your winter accessory range. Stay warm and cosy in all outdoor conditions with this scarf. Long enough...
Possum Merino Dash Keyhole Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
A compact scarf in a textured knit with a keyhole slot that keeps it snug around your neck. Designed and produced in New Zealand by Lothlorian Knitwear. This one will be a great accent to your winter outfit. The textured...
Possum Merino Loop Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
Check out this neat little made in New Zealand by Lothlorian Knitwear - Possum Merino Loop Scarf. Warm double thickness scarf using whole garment knitting technology to create an integrated loop. Complete the set with our matching plain beret and...
Possum Merino Neck Warmer - Koru Knitwear
A stylish, lightweight neck warmer. Perfect for wearing on the slopes or the open road, or even added to any outfit for some serious added warmth. Expertly crafted in New Zealand by Koru knitwear to the highest standard of quality....
Possum Merino Plain Unisex Neckwarmer -Duthie & Bull
This warm plain unisex neckwarmer is perfect for walking, ice-skating, running, shopping, skiing, exercising in the cold, do house, and even just on your day-to-day travels. Expertly designed and crafted in New Zealand by Norsewear NZ using 25% soft possum...
Possum Merino Ombre Snood - McDonald Textiles
Add some quality and vibrancy to your winter wardrobe with a stylish McDonald NZ scarf.  All entirely New Zealand Made with natural fibres - Possum Fur, Merino Wool and Silk. This incredibly versatile snood made with the finest Possum Merino...
Possum Merino Plain Double Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
Our Possum Merino scarves are softer and provide superior insulation against the cold. They're also gentle on sensitive skin and offer long-lasting durability. Made in New Zealand by Lothlorian Knitwear from sustainable natural fibres. Designed to keep you toasty warm and...
Possum Merino Cable Neck Gaiter & Headband - Lothlorian Knitwear
New Zealand made by Lothlorian Knitwear this Possum Merino Cable Neck Gaiter & headband tube is a popular alternative to a scarf. Not only warm and cozy but can be folded over to make a headband. Neck gaiter slips over...
Possum Merino Striped Scarf - Native World
Elevate your look with this tassel scarf with an accented stripe design to brighten up your winter look. Made in NZ from a luxury blend of all natural possum fibre and super fine merino, you'll feel the quality and softness...
Possum Merino Fine Rib Scarf - Merinomink
This luxurious possum merino fine rib scarf is proudly made in New Zealand by Merinomink and will keep you cosy and warm on the coldest of winter days. The fine-rib structure of this scarf appeals to men and women. Length...
Possum Merino Double Thickness Scarf - Zinity Knitwear
This is a luxurious double thickness scarf with a rib-knit finish. Features a black wrap tag with "Zinity" embossed in silver text. Luxurious and elegant, it is sure to keep you warm and cozy and so stylish! Produced in NZ...
Alpaca Wool Cable Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
Warm cozy chunky knit cable scarf with rib ends. 100% Alpaca Wool.  High-quality purebred wool. Super comfortable and lush for lasting warmth and softness. Will keep you warm on frigid cold winter days. No Scratchy or Itchy to Your Skin....
Possum Merino Lace Endless Scarf - Native World
This Possum Merino Lace Endless Scarf is a soft lightweight scarf with a delicate design finish, this lace scarf is produced in New Zealand by Native World  and is the perfect length and so easy to use. Crafted in NZ, Native World's unique blend...
Possum Merino Plain Neckwarmer - Native World
Elevate your look with this gorgeous plain neckwarmer and keep your neck beautifully warm without worrying about scarf ends. Proudly made in New Zealand by Native World. Created from a luxury blend of 20% Possum Fibre, 70% Super Fine Merino...
Possum Merino Urban Striped Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
A single textured scarf in black and charcoal stripes with one stripe in accent colour and continuous fringing. Complete the set with our matching urban striped beanie. Proudly made in New Zealand by Lothorian Knitwear. Luxurious blend of lightweight but...
Possum Merino Scarf with Pompom - Lothlorian Knitwear
This Lothlorian Knitwear - Possum Merino Cable Scarf with Rabbit Fur Pompom is a soft, chunky cable scarf. The charcoal, natural and pumpkin scarves have a natural fur pompom. The black has a black fur pompom and the silver has...
Possum Merino Bobble Keyhole Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
This light-weight scarf is available in a range of colours with bobble details and a keyhole design that allows the wearer to draw the tail of the scarf up through the knitted slot. Coordinate with our bobble beanie. Crafted using...
Possum Merino Morse Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
Possum Merino Morse Scarf is a single thickness black scarf with a contrast grid pattern and continuous fringing. Manufactured in New Zealand by Lothlorian Knitwear. Size: approx 162cm x 17cm (without fringe). Crafted from a luxurious blend of lightweight but...
Possum Merino Ribbed Scarf - Koru Knitwear
This koru scarf is extra wide in a chunky rib design. Warm and luxurious, this scarf is perfect for those colder, winter days.  40% soft possum fur, 50% fine merino wool, 10% mulberry silk. Soft & luxurious to the touch, extreme...
Possum Merino Essential Scarf - Lothlorian Knitwear
This luxurious Possum Merino Essential Unisex double thickness scarf is cosy and warm with narrow rib finish, it is a must for every wardrobe. Made in New Zealand by Lothlorian Knitwear. Measures 14 cm wide and 175 cm long, enough...
Merino Wool Dragonfly Scarf - Kate Watts
This luscious thick knitted wool scarf will keep you warm all winter and make all your friends jealous, unless you're feeling really generous and you gift them one then they'll be over the moon! Printed in a stylised hand-drawn image...
Possum Merino Travel Scarf- Native World
A lightweight and luxurious scarf - the ultimate travel accessory The knit is inherently stretchy, without the addition of elastic fibres Crafted in N.Z. by Native World with a unique blend of 20% possum fur, 70% super-fine merino wool and...
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