Merino Wool Camisole - Bay Road Merino

Merino Wool Camisole - Bay Road Merino

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This elegant camisole is proudly made by Bay Road Merino Christchurch New Zealand.


  • Made from 100% superfine (18 microns) Merino wool.
  • Ideal for extra warmth under fine outer layers.
  • Attractive enough to be worn by itself or as a top under your favorite jacket, jumper or cardigan.
COLOURS, Black,  Winter white.

Sizes chart. 8 (Bust 82cm or 32 inches). 10 (86cm or 34 inches). 12 (90cm or 36 inches). 14 (96cm or 38 inches). 16 (100cm or 40 inches). 18 (103cm or 41 inches). 20.(106cm or 42 inches). 

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