Merino Wool Plain Unisex Socks - Norsewear NZ

Merino Wool Plain Unisex Socks - Norsewear NZ

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Norsewear plain merino socks are the best men’s & women's socks for everyday comfort, cushioning your feet inside your shoes. they’re the best unisex socks for regulating the temperature of your feet, helping to keep them warm and dry.


  • Crafted in NZ by Norsewear using 70% merino  25% nylon  5% lycra.
  • NZ Merino is an excellent insulator. Stays warm even when wet.

  • Superior wicking – draws moisture away from away the skin, thereby eliminating sweat, and odour.

  • Extremely soft – helps to prevent blisters.

Sizes:  M (6-10).   King  (11-13)

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