Genuine Possum Fur Micro Static Duster - Roz Craft NZ

Genuine Possum Fur Tiny Static Duster - Roz Craft NZ

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This tiny duster is made from possum fur. Twirl the handle to charge the possum fur up with static electricity and use it to dust those fiddly little surfaces - kitchenware, computers, and other electronics.

Made by wrapping possum fur strips around a dowel handle, these little dusters are incredibly popular and unique. Who thought dusting could be so much fun!

Unlike synthetic dusters this quality product will last for years. Just keep on twirling to charge it up, it will charge just as much after it's been used 100 times as it does the first time you use it - that's the beauty of a natural product.


  • Size: Possum Fur measures approximately 8cm with a 7cm rod handle.
  • Possum fur has a hollow core, resulting in natural double glazing. Incredibly light for the warmth it produces.
  • Possum fur is one of the only remaining 'guilt-free' furs in the world
  • All possum fur used has been treated and is fine for export.
  • Made in New Zealand.

Colous: Natural, Blue, Red, Green, Black

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